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After running a quick credit check you will be contacted by either mail, email or telephone.

When approved you will simply stop by your local Mississippi Music store to sign your rental agreement, make the initial payment and pick up your instrument and accessories.

Each lease purchase agreement is customized to the child based on his or her needs and the preferences or requirements of their school's band program.
The representative that contacts you will review your individualized request and go over all prices and details with you.

Why Rent From Mississippi Music?

  • Band Director Approved Instruments
  • On-Site, Certified Repair Facilities
  • Rent-to-Own Plan - No Risk, No Obligation! No cancellation penalties, no minimum rental period. Instruments can be returned at any time as long as your payments are up-to-date. You can also pay the balance at any time.
  • Up to 100% Trade-In for your beginner instrument. You can apply your equity value to a new step-up instrument anytime during the contract.
  • Built in Maintenance & Replacement coverage on all of our instruments. High quality starter level instruments like the one you will rent from us are designed to be easy for beginners to play and stand up to rough handling by beginner players but things can and do happen.


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