“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” – George Eliot

Welcome!  Thank you for choosing Mississippi Music – your local hometown music store!

If you would like to rent a like new or used instrument please contact your local Mississippi Music store and let us help you find one that is just right for your child. We can setup a safe in-store appointment.

Why Rent From Mississippi Music?

  1. Band Director Approved Instruments, Accessories and Books available
  2. All istruments include Director recommended mouthpiece (up to $310.00 value!)
  3. Local in-House band repair at all of our stores
  4. Rent-to-Own-Plan
    • No-Credit-Check financing available!
    • Affordable down payments (First payment not required when signing. Payments shown include all taxes)
    • Comprehensive maintenance and replacement (CMR) plan included (see below)
    • No minimum rental period
    • Return instrument or pay off early without penalty
    • Or own it outright in as few as 24 or 36 months (varies by instrument)
    • Earn up to 100% of Equity Value can be applied toward a new step-up instrument anytime during the contract.
    • High-quality pre-owned options available in limited quantities (call one of our 4 stores)
  5. MMI’s CMR (Comprehensive Maintenance & Replacement) Coverage  
    • Comprehensive coverage is included with your monthly payment.Even at the beginner level, your student will be enjoying a very high-quality durable instrument that can generally withstand rough handling. But things can and do happen – especially during transport to and from school. Our CMR coverage is there to bring you peace of mind.

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Steps to Rent On-Line

  • Choose Your Child's School
  • Choose Your Child's Instrument
  • Fill Out Customer Payment  Information & Submit

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at home and bring to store or to band night.

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